IAF bids farewell to its most lethal MiG-27 as it flies one last time

News:The MiG-27 which is known as Bahadur has been decommissioned by the Indian Air Force(IAF).


About MIG 27:

  • The MIG 27 was commissioned into the Indian Air Force in 1985 from erstwhile Soviet Union(Russia).
  • It was initially developed in the Soviet Union and later indigenously manufactured by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in India.
  • The aircraft is known for its role during the 1999 Kargil War which earned the nickname ‘Bahadur’ from IAF pilots.
  • The aircraft is currently in service with the Kazakhstan and Sri Lankan Air Forces in the ground attack role.All Russian and Ukrainian MiG-27s have been retired.

Features of the aircraft:

  • The aircraft has a single-engine which is the most powerful in the world and variable geometry wing.This wing allows the fighter pilot to change the wing sweep angle as per the mission requirements.
  • The maximum speed of the aircraft is 1,700 km/hr.It can carry up to 4,000 kg of other armament externally.
  • It is upgraded with the state of the art avionics and weapon computers.It has the capability to deliver different loads on ground targets with precision.
  • It also has the capability to drop bombs, precision munitions guided by TV/laser and also air-to-air missiles for self-defence.