India fares better than China in global bribery risk matrix

News:The Trace Bribery Matrix,2019 has been released by TRACE, a US based organisation.


About the Trace Bribery Matrix:

  • TRACE is a US based organisation which provides ranking to various countries in terms of the risk of bribery companies face in doing business in those countries.
  • The Matrix evaluates 200 countries countries under four parameters which are (a) business interaction with the government (b) anti-bribery deterrence (c) transparency and (d) civil society oversight.
  • Trace provides a score from 1 to 100 to each country for each domain.If a country gets a higher score it means it is at a higher risk of business bribery.

Key takeaways from the matrix:

  • New Zealand was ranked 1st followed by Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
  • India has been placed in a better position than neighbouring China.India is ranked 78th place with a total risk score of 48.
  • Bangladesh has the highest business bribery risk among South Asian countries.It has been placed at 178 position among 200 countries.
  • On the other hand,Bhutan has the least risk of bribery among South Asian countries as it is placed at 52 in the ranking.
  • Afghanistan(168) and Pakistan (153) are other countries where bribery risk is high in South Asia.