India on the move: What data from Census 2011 show on migrations?

  1. According to the recently released Census 2011 migration data, there over 45.58 crore Indians were found to be migrants as against 31.45 crore during 2001 Census.
  2. According to the Census, when a person is enumerated in Census at a different place than his/her place of birth, she/he is considered a ‘migrant’
  3. The Census has also reported that Marriage and employment were the major reasons for migration.
  4. UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and MP had the highest ‘outmigration’. Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat had the largest ‘in-migration’.
  5. Among larger states, Bihar had the lowest number of people migrating into the state.
  6. Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand had more in-migration than out-migration. While, UP, Bihar and Rajasthan had negative net migration i.e. more people left the state than coming in.