India, Russia discuss space cooperation

  1. India and Russia has held high-level talks to elevate bilateral cooperation to the next level in the field of space.
  2. Russia has promised all assistance for India’s Human Space Flight Mission Gaganyaan.
  3. Gaganyaan is India’s first Human Space Flight Programme to be launched by Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) by 2022. 
  4. The programme will make India the fourth nation in the world to launch a Human Spaceflight Mission.So far,only the USA,Russia and China have launched human spaceflight missions.
  5. Russia has also said that it would like to see India participate in the International Space Station(ISS) and offered its full support for this purpose.
  6. The ISS is a space station or a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit.The ISS programme is a joint project among five participating space agencies: NASA(USA), Roscosmos(Russia), JAXA(Japan), ESA(European Union) and CSA(Canada).