Iran drops India from Chabahar rail project, cites funding delay

News: Iran government has decided to move ahead with the construction of a rail line from Chabahar port to Zahedan along the border with Afghanistan on its own as it cited delays from the Indian side in funding and starting the project.


  • Chabahar Rail Line: It is a 628-kilometre railway line that connects Chabahar Port to Zahedan, along the border with Afghanistan.
  • The project was to be carried out between Indian Railways Construction Ltd(IRCON) and the Iranian Railways as a part of a trilateral agreement signed in 2016 between Iran, India and Afghanistan.
  • However, Iran has decided to proceed with the project without any assistance from India citing delay in funding and starting of the project.

Additional Facts:

  • Chabahar Port: It is a seaport in Chabahar in South-Eastern Iran.Its location lies in the Gulf of Oman and it serves as Iran’s only oceanic port.