Iran, India discuss visa extension

  1. India has held the 11th Consular Committee Meeting with Iran to discuss on smoothening visa and legal matters essential for bilateral ties.
  2. India and Iran discussed issues such as (a)early conclusion of mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) (b)extending longer duration of e-Visa for each other national on reciprocity and (c)visa facilitation for greater people-to-people contact.
  3. Currently,Iran provides visa-on-arrival to Indian travellers which is given as a paper visa.Iranian visas are also given to Indians online and through missions.India also provides e-visa facilities to Iranian travellers but Iran has asked for longer duration of e-visas from India.
  4. Further,Iran has been conducting talks with various countries for bilateral visa arrangements to help facilitate smooth travel as the country is facing international sanctions that can potentially affect the free movement of business travellers.
  5. A mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) is an agreement between two or more countries for the purpose of gathering and exchanging information in an effort to enforce public or criminal laws.
  6. This assistance may take the form of (a)examining and identifying people (b)places and things (c)custodial transfers and (d)providing assistance with the immobilisation of the instruments of criminal activity.India has signed Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with 39 countries

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