Kerala, TN, Himachal top India’s child well-being index, says report

  1. World Vision India, a child-focused humanitarian organisations and IFMR LEAD, a research organisation based in India, have released India Child Well-Being Report. It provides insights on health, nutrition, education, sanitation and child protection. 
  2. The report examines how India fairs on child well-being using a composite child well-being index. The index is based on three dimensions viz. a) healthy individual development, b) positive relationships and c) protective contexts. 24 indicators under the 3 dimensions were selected to develop the computation of the child well-being index.
  3. Kerala (0.76), Tamil Nadu (0.67) and Himachal Pradesh (0.67) topped the child-wellbeing index. Puducherry performed the best among union territories.
  4. Meghalaya (0.53), Jharkhand (0.50) and Madhya Pradesh (0.44) performed worst in the overall index.