Land records in 90% of Indian villages have been computerised

News:According to the Ministry of Rural development,around 90% of the land of Indian villages have been computerised under Digital india Land Records Modernisation Programme(DILRMP).


About Digital india Land Records Modernisation Programme(DILRMP):

  • The Digital India Land Record Modernization Programme (DILRMP), previously known as the National Land Record Modernization Programme (NLRMP) was launched in 2008.
  • The purpose of the programme is to digitize and modernize land records and develop a centralised land record management system.
  • The programme is the amalgamation of two projects namely Computerisation of Land Records(CLR) and Strengthening of Revenue Administration and Updating of Land Records(SRA & ULR).

Components of the programme:

  • computerisation of all existing land records including mutations (or transfers);
  • digitization of maps, and integration of textual and spatial data;
  • survey/ resurvey and updating of all survey and settlement records including creation of original cadastral records (record of the area, ownership and value of land) wherever necessary;
  • computerisation of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system and
  • development of core Geospatial Information System (GIS) and capacity building.

Significance of the programme:

  • Real-time land ownership of the records will be available to the citizen
  • Free accessibility to the records will reduce interface between the citizen and the Government functionaries, thereby reducing rent seeking and harassment.
  • The single-window service or the web-enabled anytime-anywhere access will save the citizen time and effort.
  • Automatic and automated mutations will significantly reduce the scope of fraudulent property deals
  • Conclusive titling will also significantly reduce litigation and Market value information will be available on the website to the citizen.
  • Certificates based on land data such as domicile, caste, income among others will be available to the citizens through computers.