MOSPI constitutes committee on economic statistics

News:The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation(MOSPI) has constituted a Standing Committee on Statistics(SCES).



  • The committee has been constituted after several economists had expressed concern over political interference in influencing statistical data in India.
  • They had called for restoration of institutional independence and integrity to the statistical organisations. 

About the committee:

  • The committee consists of 28 members.It is headed by former Chief Statistician Pronab Sen.
  • The committee will review and develop the country‚Äôs surveys on employment, industry and services sector amid criticism of official statistics.
  • It will also review the existing framework of data sources, indicators and definitions of index of industrial production, periodic labour force survey, time use survey, economic census and unorganised sector statistics, among others.
  • Further,the committee will subsume in it the four standing committees on labour force statistics, industrial statistics, services sector and unincorporated sector enterprises.