Need to respond to China’s growing might in Indian Ocean: Navy chief

  1. Indian Navy Chief has said that the Indian armed forces will need to respond to China’s rapidly-expanding military might, especially its growing naval footprint in the Indian Ocean Region(IOR).
  2. This statement comes after China had released its defence white paper, which mentioned Chinese military’s increased global focus.
  3. China is also in the process of constructing warships including aircraft carriers and submarines on war footing.
  4. However,the Navy chief has highlighted the Indian Navy’s current budgetary constraints.He said that Indian Navy requires long-term fiscal support for major acquisitions in the next few years as part of its modernisation plans.
  5. The Navy currently has around 140 warships and 220 aircraft but many of them are slated for progressive retirement.With proper funding,the Navy hopes to become a 212-warship and 458-aircraft force by around 2030.