Opposition moves SC again over VVPAT tally

  1. Opposition parties have filed a review petition in the Supreme Court demanding the counting of at least 50% VVPAT slips. At a press conference, opposition parties have also highlighted instances of EVMs malfunctioning and selective manipulation of the machines which were reported in the polling held in Kerala, Goa and Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Recently, the Supreme Court did not agree to the demand of Opposition political parties for counting of at least 50% of VVPAT slips with EVMs in every assembly segment. The Court had directed the Election Commission to increase random matching of VVPAT slips with EVMs to five polling booths per assembly segment of a parliamentary constituency or Assembly consistency, from one at present.
  3. The court had observed that the move would ensure greater degree of accuracy and increase satisfaction in the election process of not just the political parties but of the entire electorate.
  4. Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is an independent system attached to an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) that allows the voters to verify that their votes are cast as intended. It helps to detect any possible election fraud or malfunction of EVMs.