Panel of CMs to suggest sweeping agriculture reforms

  1. The Central government has set up a high powered committee of seven chief ministers led by Maharashtra’s CM as its convenor.
  2. The panel will suggest measures to transform Indian agriculture and raise farmers’ income.
  3. The Terms of reference(ToR) of the panel include suggestions on modalities for adoption and time-bound implementation of two key model Acts namely agriculture market reforms act and contract farming act by the states.
  4. The other ToR includes (a)Examining various provisions of Essential Commodity Act (ECA),1955 and (b)to suggest mechanism for linking of market reforms with e-NAM,GRAM and other relevant centrally sponsored schemes.
  5. Further,the panel will also recommend policy measures to boost agricultural exports,raise growth in food processing and attract investments in modern market infrastructure,value chains and logistics.
  6. The panel will also suggest measures to upgrade agri-technology to global standards and improve access of farmers to quality seed and proposing any other relevant reforms for transformation of agriculture sector and raising farmers income.
  7. The panel will also study various proposals of the inter-ministerial committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income(DFI) which had suggested specific action points for reforms in the farm and allied sector.


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