Paramarsh Scheme

  1. The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has recently launched the Paramarsh scheme. It is a scheme under the University Grant Commission (UGC)
  2. Under the Paramarsh scheme, the leading institutions will provide regular mentoring to help NAAC Accreditation Aspirant Institutions achieve high quality standards.
  3. The Scheme will be implemented through a “Hub & Spoke” model. Under the Scheme, the Mentor Institution called the “Hub” will be centralized.
  4. It will guide the Mentee institution through the secondary branches, called the “Spoke”, through a variety of services provided to the mentee for self-improvement.
  5. The scheme also proposes to provide financial assistance to the mentoring institutions and the option of appointing an expert, who can be paid a fellowship amount of Rs 31,000 per month.
  6. The significance of the scheme is: a) will lead to enhancement of the mentee institutions’ quality, b) mentee institution will also have increased exposure and speedier adaptation to best practices and c) there will be sharing of knowledge, information and opportunities for research collaboration and faculty development in mentee institutions
  7. The National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) is an autonomous body that assesses and accredits higher education institutions (HEIs) in India. It assesses the higher learning institutes on the basis of seven parameters.