Parties may find it hard to raise Sabarimala issue in campaign

  1. Kerala’s Chief Electoral Officer said that political parties invoking the Sabarimala temple during campaigning would be considered as the violation of Model code of conduct(MCC).MCC came into force after the Election Commission announced the dates for General election,2019.
  2. The Model Code of Conduct is a set of general guidelines for model behaviour during elections to Lok Sabha and state Assemblies.This code,among other things,expects that political parties and candidates do not indulge in activities that could create tensions between different castes and communities.
  3. The Model Code of Conduct is only a set of guidelines with no statutory backing.In case of violation,the Commission usually resorts to censure. However,there have been examples in the past when the Election Commission has invoked sections of Indian Penal Code against violators for spreading enmity between communities and even banned people from campaigning.
  4. The Sabarimala temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. It is situated on a hilltop named Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala.In 2018,the Supreme Court ruled that women,irrespective of age, can enter Kerala’s Sabarimala temple.Previously, girls and women in the 10-50 age group were prohibited from entering the Sabarimala temple.