Periyar River

News:Periyar river has turned black due to discharge of chemical wastes by industries located on the banks of the river.


  • The Periyar River is the longest river in the state of Kerala.It is also known as ‘Lifeline of Kerala’ as it is one of the few perennial rivers in the state.
  • Origin: It originates from Sivagiri Hills of Western Ghats and flows through Periyar National Park and reaches the Periyar Lake and then the water flows into Vembanad Lake and finally into Arabian Sea.
  • Major Tributaries: Muthirapuzha, Mullayar, Cheruthoni, Perinjankutti and Edamala rivers.

Additional Facts:

  • Idukki Dam:It is situated on the Periyar river and generates a significant proportion of Kerala’s electrical power.
  • Mullaperiyar dam:It is located on the confluence of the Mullayar and Periyar rivers in Kerala’s Idukki district.It is operated and maintained by the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Perennial River:It is a channel that has continuous flow in parts of its stream bed all year round.