PM Modi’s first bilateral visit to Maldives begins tomorrow

  1. Prime Minister will be visiting the Maldives and Sri Lanka from June 8 ,2019.This will be his first overseas visit in the second term.
  2. This will be PM first visit to Maldives since 2011.The prime minister visited the island nation in November to attend Maldives President swearing-in ceremony.However,it was not a full-fledged bilateral visit.
  3. India-Maldives ties has improved after the election of new Maldivian President.Earlier,ties had dipped to an all-time low under former president.Maldives is a key country in the Indian Ocean region and lies in the heart of busy shipping lanes connecting Africa and Asia.
  4. Prime Minister will inaugurate a coastal surveillance radar system and a Comprehensive Training Centre(CTC) for Maldives national forces as part of a joint defence cooperation pact.
  5. India and Maldives had signed an Action Plan for defence cooperation in 2016 as part of which both sides had drawn up an exhaustive list of defence projects and purchase of defence equipment.
  6. Further,the Prime Minister will also visit Sri Lanka.The visit is aimed at sending a clear message of solidarity in the wake of the Easter Sunday terror attack in which more than 250 people died.

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