Commerce Minister addresses meeting of Board of Trade & Council for Trade Development and Promotion

  1. Commerce minister has addressed a joint meeting of the Board of Trade and the Council of Trade Development and Promotion.The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT).
  2. The minister has urged the representatives of industry,trade and exports bodies to reduce dependency on subsidies and grants from the Central Government and strive to make industry and production more competitive and self-reliant.
  3. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT) is an agency of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India.DGFT is responsible for formulating and implementing the Foreign Trade Policy with the main objective of promoting India’s exports.
  4. The Council for Trade Development and Promotion (CTDP) comes under the chairpersonship of the Union Minister for Commerce and Industry.
  5. The main purpose of CTDP is to ensure a continuous dialogue with states and Union Territories on measures for providing an international trade enabling environment in the states Another objective of CTDP is to create a framework for making the states active partners in boosting India’s exports.

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