Strategic Petroleum Reserves(SPR)

News:Ministry for Petroleum & Natural Gas has allowed the public sector refiners to use the strategic Petroleum reserves(SPR) for storing their oil purchases.


  • Strategic Petroleum Reserves(SPR): These are stockpiles of crude oil maintained by countries or private industries which are meant to tackle emergency situations to counter short-term supply disruptions.
  • The Strategic Crude Oil Storage facilities in India is managed by Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited(ISPRL), a Special Purpose Vehicle which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oil Industry Development Board(OIDB) under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
  • ISPRL has established Strategic Petroleum Reserves(SPR) facilities at three locations namely Visakhapatnam, Mangalore and Padur.
  • Government has approved the establishment of two additional SPR facilities at Chandikhol in Odisha and Padur in Karnataka.