Target Olympic Podium Scheme

News:The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is implementing Target Olympic Podium Scheme(TOPS).


About Target Olympic Podium Scheme(TOPS):

  • The Target Olympic Podium Scheme is a flagship program of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. 
  • The scheme has been formulated under the ambit of National Sports Development Fund (NSDF).
  • The scheme aims at identifying and supporting potential medal prospects for upcoming Olympic Games.
  • It will provide selected sportspersons customized training at institutes having world class facilities and also other necessary support is being provided to the elite athletes.
  • It will also provide a benchmark for selection of athletes on par with international standards.
  • Under it, Sports Authority of India(SAI) and federations which are members of Mission Olympic Cell(MOC) will be the nodal agencies for disbursal for fund. 
  • They will make payments directly to beneficiary person and institution concerned on behalf of athletes.

Additional information:

About National Sports Development Fund(NSDF):

  • The National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) was established in November, 1998 under Charitable Endowments Act,1890 with the aim of promotion of sports and games in the Country.
  • The Fund is managed by a Council constituted by the Central Government.Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports is the Chairperson of the council.
  • The Joint Secretary to the Government of India in the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is the ex-officio Member Secretary of the Council.
  • NSDF aims to mobilize resources from Government as well as non-government organizations and individuals to provide required support for promotion of specific sports disciplines and improving performance of Indian sports in the major international events.