Taxpayers, MPs, MLAs can’t avail farm income support

  1. Government has announced income support scheme for farmers in Interim Budget 2019 which envisages the payment of ₹6,000 per annum to marginal and small farmers (each holding cultivable land up to 2 hectares).
  2. However, it also exclude some section of the society such as: a) former and present holders of constitutional posts, b) serving and retired employees of the Union government or State governments including those in public sector and regular employees of local bodies, c) Class IV or Group D employees have been exempted from the exclusion, d) pensioners who are getting ₹10,000 or more, e) former and present heads of municipal corporations, f) Professionals including doctors, engineers, lawyers etc.
  3. No changes would be considered for the eligibility of benefit for 5 years, post 1st Feb 2019. However, the benefit would be allowed in cases where transfer of ownership of cultivable land takes place on account of succession due to death of the landowner
  4. Cases where the transfer of ownership of land happened due to reasons such as purchase, succession, and through will or gift, between December 1, 2018, and January 31, 2019, would be eligible for coverage.
  5. Government to propose an alternative implementation mechanism for community-based land ownership rights in some of the northeastern States.