Telling Numbers: The food we waste, and what it costs the global economy

  1. A new report titled “Reducing Food Loss and Waste” by the World Resources Institute (WRI) with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation has quantified global food wastage.
  2. The report has said that nearly one-third of the food that is produced globally each year goes uneaten,costing the global economy over $940 billion.
  3. Most of the food loss happens near the farm predominantly in lower income countries and most of the food waste happens near the plate predominantly in higher-income countries.
  4. The report has said that when viewed as a proportion by weight,of all the food estimated to be lost and wasted globally,fruits and vegetables make up the largest share of total annual food loss and waste.
  5. Further,uneaten food is also responsible for emitting about 8 percent of planet-warming greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  6. The report has put forward a Global Action Agenda that calls for (a)developing national strategies for food loss and waste reduction, (b)creating national public-private partnerships (c)launch supply chain initiatives (d)reducing small-holder losses and (e)shifting consumer social norms.