U.S. FDA warns of faulty pacemaker batteries

  1. The US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) in its safety communication has alerted healthcare providers and patients about the batteries in certain Medtronic implantable pacemakers.
  2. It said that pacemakers or cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers(CRT-Ps) which can drain faster than expected without any warning could lead to devices losing power quickly and triggering a medical emergency.
  3. Pacemakers are battery-powered devices that provide pacing for slow heart rhythms and heart failure.If a capacitor which is one  of the electronic components of these devices is cracked it may lose functionality and create an electrical short which can cause rapid battery depletion.
  4. However,US FDA has not recommend preventive removal and replacement of affected devices.But it has cautioned the patients and professionals to carefully monitor battery status using home monitoring systems.

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