Union HRD Minister inaugurates TechEx – a technology exhibition

  1. Union Human Resource Development Minister has inaugurated theTechEx – technology exhibition at IIT Delhi. 
  2. TechEx was organized to demonstrate products and prototypes developed under the two flagship schemes of the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) namely IMPRINT and UAY.
  3. IMPacting Research,INnovation and Technology(IMPRINT) scheme is a pan-IIT and IISc joint collaboration.The scheme was launched in 2015.
  4. The scheme aims to provide solutions to the most relevant engineering challenges by translating knowledge into viable technology in 10 selected technology domains.The projects are funded jointly by MHRD and the participating Ministry in the ratio of 50:50.
  5. The 10 selected domains are (a)health care (b)energy (c)sustainable habitat (d)nano-technology hardware (e)water resources and river systems (f)advanced materials (g)Information and Communication Technology (h)manufacturing (I)security and defence and (j) environmental science and climate change.
  6. Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana (UAY) was launched in 2015.The scheme aims to promote innovation of a higher order that directly impacts the needs of the industry and thereby improves the competitive edge of Indian manufacturing.
  7. UAY projects are funded jointly by MHRD,participating Ministries and the Industry in the ratio of 50:25:25.