US approves sales to support Pak’s F-16 fighter jets for 24×7 end-use monitoring

  1. United States has reopened the military aid to Pakistan after Pakistan Prime Minister met with the US President.
  2. The US has decided to provide $125 million worth of technical and logistics support for Pakistani F-16 fighter jets.
  3. The foreign military sale would provide 24/7 end-use monitoring of the F-16s with 60 US contractor representatives being stationed in Pakistan to assist in the oversight of the programme.
  4. Pakistan currently operates 75 of the F-16s which were acquired under the pretext of the global fight against terrorism and later upgraded with advanced radars, targeting systems, fire-and-forget missiles and precision-guided munitions.
  5. However,US officials have said that the restoration of the F-16 support programme does not mean the US administration is resuming military aid to Pakistan.
  6. But India is worried that the US is repeating the same mistakes including restoring Pakistan’s primacy over Afghanistan that allowed it to become a ground for terrorists.