Uttarakhand: Himalayan Conclave being held in Mussoorie

  1. A Himalayan Conclave was held in Mussoorie,Uttarakhand.The objective of the conclave was to discuss various issues related to the development of Himalayan States.
  2. The conclave was organized by the government of Uttarakhand with Integrated Mountain Initiative(IMI) as its knowledge partner.The chief guest of conclave was Union Finance minister.
  3. The main agenda for the conclave was conservation of Himalayan ecology, bio-diversity and cultural heritage and water conservation.
  4. The conclave has mainly focused on conserving rivers,glaciers,lakes and water bodies besides reviving water resources which have dried up over the years.
  5. The eleven states belonging to Himalayan Region has sought Green Bonus from Union Government considering their contributions to environmental conservation and to compensate the Himalayan states for their disadvantages.
  6. The states have also asked the Centre to set up a dedicated Ministry for region to deal with problems endemic to them.