All workers to receive appointment letter; night shift option for women

  1. The Union Cabinet has approved a proposed Code on Occupational Safety,Health and Working Conditions Bill,2019.The bill seeks to merge 13 central labour laws into a single code.
  2. The code would enhance the coverage of the safety, health and working conditions provisions manifold as compared to the present scenario.
  3. The code says that any business entity with 10 or more workers will mandatorily be required to issue appointment letter and also get the medical check-up done annually for all its workers.
  4. The bill has also envisaged uniform threshold for welfare provisions such as crèche,canteen,first aid and welfare officer.
  5. The Bill also talks about permitting women to work beyond 7 pm and before 6 am subject to safety, holidays,working hours or any condition as prescribed by appropriate government.
  6. The bill also says that a part of the penalty for violating provisions leading to death or serious injury to any person may be given to the victim or the legal heirs of the victim by the court.
  7. The bill also aims to ensure ease of doing business for firms.It prescribes one registration for an establishment.One licence and one return would save time,resources and efforts of establishments.