Ambubachi Mela

News:The Annual Ambubachi Mela in Assam will not be organised this year due to Coronavirus pandemic.


  • Ambubachi Mela is held at the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam.
  • The festival is celebrated to mark the annual menstruation of the presiding Goddess Kamakhya.
  • Significance:The ritualistic fair celebrating the goddess period is one of the reasons why the taboo associated with menstruation is less in Assam compared to other parts of India.
  • Further,the attainment of womanhood of girls in Assam is also celebrated with a ritual called Tuloni Biya meaning small wedding.

Additional Facts:

Kamakhya Temple:

  • Kamakhya is one of 51 shakti peethas or holy sites for the followers of the Shakti cult each representing a body part of the Sati, Lord Shiva’s companion.
  • The temple is situated on the Nilachal Hills whose northern face slopes down to the Brahmaputra river.
  • There is no idol in the temple, the goddess is worshipped in the form of a yoni-like stone over which a natural spring flows.