Delhi offers blueprint to promote development, inclusivity at WTO

  1. India has offered a blueprint for promoting development and inclusivity at the World Trade Organization(WTO).It has emphasized that resolving the crisis at its highest adjudicating body must be a top priority.
  2. The WTO Appellate Body which is an intergovernmental dispute settlement system for resolving and enforcing global trade rules will become dysfunctional from 11 December,2019 as US has repeatedly blocked filling its vacancies.
  3. The US and other industrialized countries has mentioned non-mandated issues such as the (a) controversial plurilateral initiatives for pursuing digital trade agenda (b)domestic regulation for trade in services and (c)disciplines for micro, small, and medium enterprises as part of the agenda at the WTO.
  4. However,India has said that developing countries must ensure that their development concerns in particular the outstanding development issues such as (a)consensus-based rule-making (b)non-discrimination and (c)special and differential treatment(S&DT) should be addressed.
  5. The WTO Agreements contain special provisions which give developing countries special rights.These are called special and differential treatment (S&DT) provisions.These special provisions includes longer time periods for implementing Agreements and commitments or measures to increase trading opportunities for developing countries.
  6. The US has argued that the better-off developing countries may be eating up the gains that should accrue to the poorer nations in the category.However, India and others have maintained that there was a need to ensure that S&D treatment remains as they are still home to a large number of poor and vulnerable sections.

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