Dispute over Paracel and Spratly Islands

News:China has again increased its presence in the South China Sea by unilaterally renamed 80 islands around the two disputed archipelagos of the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands.


Spratly Islands:

  • Spratly Islands are a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea.It is largely uninhabited.
  • Countries in Dispute: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.Brunei has also claimed the southeastern part of the Spratlys.

Paracel Islands:

  • The Paracel Islands is a disputed archipelago located in the South China Sea.It is almost equidistant from China and Vietnam.
  • Countries in Dispute: China and Vietnam.

Additional Facts:

  • Natuna Islands:It is located in Indonesia‚Äôs Riau Islands province, the west side of the South China Sea.It is claimed by China.
  • Scarborough Shoal: It is located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon island in the South China Sea.It is claimed by China, Taiwan and the Philippines.