Donald Trump cracks down on overstay by visa holders

  1. The US President has decided to sign a memorandum which recommends severe sanctions on countries with high rates of visa overstays in the United States.
  2. The memorandum recommends placing travel restrictions on citizens of the 20 countries who have higher than 10% visa overstay rate.Under such a plan,the US would put countries on notice if a significant number of their citizens are overstaying their visas in the U.S. If the rates do not change,future visas would be harder to obtain and more limited in scope.
  3. Further,the development which may hit Indian students is the direction by US President to impose admission bonds as a means of improving compliance with the terms and conditions of non-immigrant visas.
  4. However,it does not imposes any immediate restrictions but it calls upon US agencies to provide recommendations or status reports to US President within 120 days.
  5. In 2013,UK had also contemplated a security bond of GBP 3,000 for visa applicants from six countries including India.After protests including from the Indian government this plan was dropped.