How a biometrics-based token system is reducing chaos on railway platforms

  1. The Western and Central Railways have introduced a biometrics based token system(BTS).The system seeks to streamline the process of boarding unreserved coaches.
  2. This system was introduced as passengers with general class ticket face difficulties in boarding coaches as everyone rushes to grab a seat.
  3. This system allows passengers travelling in the general coach where seats are not reserved to be given a token roughly three hours before the train’s departure.
  4. The tokens are issued on a first-come,first-served basis after accepting biometric information of individual passengers.
  5. Passengers with valid tickets are required to place their fingers on a scanner and are issued a token with a serial number against their biometric data.Passengers must queue up and enter the compartment  in the order of their serial numbers.
  6. The use of biometrics also rules out touts and ensures only bonafide travellers receive a token.