Mekedatu project to claim 52.5 sq. km of core forest area

  1. According to the pre-feasibility report of Mekedatu project, nearly 52.5 sq. km of land in the core area of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, will be submerged or built over for the project.
  2. The Mekedatu project is a balancing reservoir and drinking water project to be built at the confluence of Cauvery and Arkavathi rivers, near Mekedatu, Kanakapura taluk in Ramnagar district of Karnataka.
  3. The project is aimed at solving the drinking water problems of Bengaluru and Ramnagar district. It would also generate 400 MW of hydroelectric power.
  4. Tamil Nadu has protest against the Mekedatu project. It has argued that Cauvery was already a deficit basin and the construction of the project would drastically affect the lower riparian State (Tamil Nadu) in getting their due share of waters as per the order of the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal.
  5. Service or balancing reservoirs are those which receive water supplies that are pumped or channelled into them artificially.

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