Work on Kondapochamma reservoir nearing completion

  1. The construction of Kondapochamma reservoir is nearing completion. The Kondapochamma reservoir is a part of Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project.
  2. Kondapochamma reservoir is being constructed in the Medak district of Telanagana.
  3. Kaleshwaram Multipurpose Lift Irrigation Project of Telanagna is on River Godavari. It is touted as world’s largest multi-stage, multi-purpose lift irrigation project.
  4. The project will support crop cultivation on 45 lakh acres of land. It will also meet the drinking water requirement of 70% of the state and also cater to the needs of the industry.
  5. The total length of Kaleshwaram project is approximately 1,832 kms. It has 20 reservoirs spread across 13 districts with a total capacity to store 145 TMC.
  6. Lift irrigation is a method of irrigation in which water is not transported by natural flow but is lifted with pumps or surge pools etc.

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