Mo Sarkar initiative

News:Odisha government has launched a new governance initiative named ‘Mo Sarkar’.


About the initiative:

  • The ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative which means ‘My Government’ is an important transformative initiative of the Odisha government under 5-T programme.
  • The 5-T mantra is based on the philosophy that transparency, teamwork, technology and time leads to transformation.
  • The objective of the ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative is to provide service with dignity to people who are coming to government offices for different purposes.
  • The phone numbers of people who are coming to government offices will be collected randomly with the purpose to improve the governance system by collecting feedback on behaviour and professionalism of government officers.
  • The employees will be ranked as good or bad on the basis of the feedback and those with good rank will get out-of-turn promotion and action will be taken against employees with bad rank.