NASA to crash spacecraft into asteroid in 2022

  1. NASA is planning to launch Double Asteroid Redirection Test(DART).It is a spacecraft designed to determine whether an asteroid can be redirected with a high-speed collision.
  2. It will be launched with the help of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that will hit a small moonlet in the binary near-earth asteroid system Didymos in September 2022.
  3. DART would be NASA’s first mission to demonstrate what’s known as the kinetic impactor technique.It is a technique of striking the asteroid to shift its orbit to defend against a potential future asteroid impact.
  4. It is planned to intercept the secondary member of the Didymos system. By using solar electric propulsion,it will intercept the target when the asteroid will be within 11 million km of Earth.
  5. Asteroid are relatively small, inactive, rocky body orbiting the Sun. Didymos is a binary asteroid and it was chosen because of its close proximity to Earth and its size.

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