Project SURE

  1. The Union Minister for Textiles has launched Project SURE.
  2. The SURE project is a commitment by India’s apparel industry to set a sustainable pathway for the Indian fashion industry.
  3. SURE stands for ‘Sustainable Resolution’ which means a commitment from the industry to move towards fashion that contributes to a clean environment.
  4. This framework would help the industry (a)reduce its carbon emissions, (b)increase resource efficiency (c)tackle waste and water management, and (d)create positive social impact to achieve long-term sustainability targets.
  5. According to UN,the global fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions,20% of all wastewater and consumes more energy than the international aviation and shipping industries combined.
  6. In March 2019,the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion was launched at the UN Environment Assembly to improve collaboration among UN agencies by analyzing their efforts in making fashion sustainable.