Refurbished mobile imports certified by BIS get govt nod

  1. India has decided to allow the import of refurbished or second mobile phones subject to the condition that they are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  2. Earlier,the government was against the import of refurbished electronics products into the country.It feared that companies may use it to dump hazardous electronic waste.Also,it would negate the effect of Make in India initiative.
  3. However,there are some concerns such as how will the BIS be able to certify refurbished phones as they lack in uniformity.For instance, new phones have a uniform standard and can be examined for certification purposes by picking up a sample.But such uniform sampling is not possible in the case of refurbished mobile phones.
  4. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national Standards Body of India working under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.
  5. BIS was established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act,1986.The Minister in charge of the Ministry or Department having administrative control of the BIS is the ex-officio President of the BIS.
  6. BIS is mandated for harmonious development of activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected

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