Sisi as Prez till 2030?Egypt vote to decide

  1. Egypt will hold a three-day referendum on constitutional amendments that could allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay in office until 2030.
  2. Parliament had already approved the proposals which would bolster the role of the military and expand the president’s power over judicial appointments.
  3. The key constitutional amendments are (a)An amendment to Article 140 of the constitution extends the presidential term to six years from four years (b)An outright bar on any president serving more than two terms will change to a bar on serving more than two consecutive terms.
  4. Further,the amendments provide for the creation of a second parliamentary chamber known as the Council of Senators.It would have 180 members,two-thirds elected by the public and the rest appointed by the president.
  5. The amendment had also created the post of vice president allowing the president to appoint one or more deputies.They task the president with choosing head judges and the public prosecutor from a pool of senior candidates pre-selected by the judiciary.
  6. They have also created a quota setting women’s representation in parliament at a minimum of 25%.Further,Article 200 of the constitution expanded the role of the military by giving it more powers.
  7. However,the opposition has said that the central promise of the 2011 uprising that toppled the then President is at risk which was the principle of the peaceful transfer of power.