State of Maharashtra’s Agri-business and Rural Transformation Program (SMART) Project

News:Government of India, the Government of Maharashtra and the World Bank has signed a loan agreement of USD 210 million for State of Maharashtra’s Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project(SMART).


About SMART Project:

  • The project has been launched by the Maharashtra Government with the assistance of World Bank.
  • It aims to transform Rural Maharashtra through the revamp of agricultural value chains with special focus on marginal farmers.

Objectives of the project:

  • Support value addition in the post-harvest segments of agriculture value-chains;
  • Facilitate agribusiness investments through inclusive business models that provide opportunities to small farmers;
  • Stimulate the establishment of small and medium enterprises; and
  • Support resilience of agricultural production systems to better manage increasing production and commercial risks associated with climate change.

Significance of the project:

  • The project is a giant step towards transformation of rural economy and empowerment of farmers.
  • The project unites agriculture-oriented corporates and farmers by providing them a common platform.