Suskityrannus hazelae: A relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, but just 3 feet tall

  1. According to a journal,fossil of a smaller dinosaur called as Suskityrannus hazela (tyrannosauroid dinosaur) has been discovered in New Mexico.
  2. Suskityrannus is a genus of small tyrannosauroid family.The fossil discovered dates back 92 million years to the Cretaceous Period.
  3. The newly identified dinosaur is a tiny relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex.It stood roughly 3 feet tall at the hip and was about 9 feet in length.Further,the entire animal is only marginally longer than the just the skull of a fully grown Tyrannosaurus rex.
  4. Further,it is believed to have weighed between 45 and 90 pounds compared to 90 tons for a typical full-grown T rex.Its diet consisted of the same as T Rex,but has likely hunted small animals.

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