UK scraps landing Cards for Indians, others at airports

  1. The UK government has decided to scrap the requirement of filling out landing cards by international travellers coming to the UK from countries like India.
  2. Earlier,landing cards were required for all passengers arriving by air or sea from outside the European Economic Area(EEA).
  3. A UK landing card (or arrival card) were issued to non-EEA travelers since 1971.The card records the purpose of the traveler’s visit and the duration of their stay.
  4. The card also used to record whether or not a traveler has brought items into the UK that warrant inspection by customs authorities.It was also the only record of conversations that took place between a traveler and Visas and Immigration desk personnel.
  5. The European Economic Area (EEA) is an agreement made in 1992.It brings together the 28 European Union member countries and the three EEA states which are (a)Iceland (b)Liechtenstein and (c)Norway into a single market.
  6. The purpose of the agreement was to strengthen trade and economic relations between the countries by removing trade barriers and imposing equal conditions of competition and compliance with the same rules.
  7. Further,it provides for the inclusion of EU legislation covering the four freedoms namely (a)free movement of goods (b)services (c) persons and (d)capital throughout the 31 EEA States.

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