Worker safety code Bill gets Cabinet approval

  1. The Union Cabinet has approved a proposed Code on Occupational Safety,Health and Working Conditions Bill,2019.The bill seeks to merge 13 central labour laws into a single code.
  2. The code will be applicable to all trades including IT establishments and service sector where more than 10 workers are employed.It will also be applicable to mines and docks that employ even one worker.
  3. The code makes it mandatory for employers to provide free annual medical check-ups and issue appointment letters to all employees.
  4. Further,the multiple committees under five labour Acts would be replaced by the National Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board.The code has also framed rules for women workers working night shifts.
  5. The Code on Occupational Safety,Health and Working Conditions is one of the four codes that would subsume 44 labour laws.The four codes will deal with (a)wages (b)social security, (c)industrial safety and welfare and (d)industrial relations.
  6. Earlier,the Union Cabinet had approved the Code on Wages Bill which seeks to subsume existing laws related to workers’ remuneration.