Pencil Portal

  1. Union Minister for Labour has informed Lok Sabha that 361 Complaints of Child Labour have been resolved Through Pencil Portal.
  2. PENCIL portal stands for Platform for Effective Enforcement for No Child Labour(PENCIL).The portal is administered by the Ministry of Labour & Employment.
  3. It is a electronic platform to ensure effective enforcement of the provisions of the Child Labour Act and smooth implementation of the National Child Labour Project(NCLP) Scheme.
  4. The portal has five components namely (a)Child Tracking System, (b)Complaint Corner (c)State Government (d)National Child Labour Project and (e)Convergence.
  5. Since the subject of labour is in the concurrent list,the enforcement of the policy depends on respective state governments.
  6. This online portal aims to connect the Centre to the state government, district and to all project societies for effective implementation of NCLP.
  7. NCLP is a Central Sector Scheme for the rehabilitation of child labour. The Scheme seeks to adopt a sequential approach with focus on rehabilitation of children working in hazardous occupations & processes in the first instance.